Terms and Rules

Indoor Soccer World Competition Rules

A substitution can be made every time your team scores or concedes a goal. One sub can be made per half with out a goal being scored, in order to do that the ball must be in your Goalkeepers hands and simply announce a sub to the ref.

Teams must inform the ref of any subs being made, if a team makes a sub without the refs knowledge it will result in a direct penalty kick. A Goalkeeper changing positions with an on-field player is classified as a sub being made.
The last 3 minutes of the game teams cannot make a sub.
Teams are allowed to make one (30 sec) time out per half.

Time outs can only be made once your team has scored or considered a goal.
Teams running late will be penalised with a 1-goal deduction every 2 min late.
All players must be present before half team, if a player shows up after the first half he/she wont be eligible to play.
Teams must be in the exact same uniform and all have numbers displayed on back of the shirts. This includes the Goal Keeper. A 1-goal deduction will apply for each top that’s not exactly the same as the rest of the team.
Players cannot have the same number as their team mates this will also lead into a 1-goal deduction.
Players must remove watches, bracelets, necklaces, hats and all other types of accessories before entering the field of play.


Strictly no tackling from behind, any efforts to get the ball from behind will be a free kick against your team.

Tackling from the side is permitted as long as you get the ball clean, any contact made will be a free kick against your team.

Players cannot grab or hold onto nets.

Players cannot play the ball off the ground if you are on the ground try to avoid making contact with the ball.

Once you receive a free kick you have 5 seconds to play the ball or the decisions will go to the other team.

Players cannot scream or distract an opposition player while taking a shot.

Any contact made to a player that is directly in front of goal and has a clear goal scoring opportunity will result in a penalty and a yellow/red card depending on how much contact was made.

A player taking a free kick cannot play it to himself or against the wall it must get a second touch from another player.

If you are taken a penalty or a free kick and the ball rebounds back once again the player taking the penalty/free kick cannot touch the ball it must take a second touch.

A player cannot step into the Goalkeepers area at anytime.

Stepping into your own Goalkeepers area as a defender will lead to a penalty.


Scoring a goal whilst in the opposition’s goal area will lead into a free kick against your team.

Taking a shot from kick off is permitted it does not need a second touch if the ball goes in for a goal.

Free kicks against, players must allow a distance of 2 steps at all times in order for the kick to be taken.

Once the ball is put in the corner you have to make a legitimate effort to get it out or it will resolve in a free kick against.

Free kicks cannot be taken after the siren has sounded, only penalties can be taken after the siren.


Penalties against all players from both teams must be behind the player taking the penalty.


Strictly not allowed out of the goal keeper area.

Stepping out or putting your hand out to drag the ball back in will lead to a penalty against your team.

Goalkeeper has 5 seconds to release the ball once the ball enters the area.

Goalkeeper can take as many touches with the ball once received as long as it’s in the time limit.

Once a keeper receives the ball in he/she hands they cannot put the ball down and kick it out it must be thrown out.

Releasing the ball back into play may be done by a throw or it can be passed out with your feet. No drop kicks or kicks on the full are permitted it will lead to a penalty against your team.

Goalkeeper can receive as many back passes from a teammate and can pick the ball up.

Goalkeeper can throw the ball over half way, but cannot score a goal unless it takes a second touch. Penalties against, keeper must be on the line once the penalty is being taken or the ref will ask for a retake.

Please Note:
All rulings made during any game are subject to referee’s decision and won’t be overturned. Any team or player have any further questions about the rules please don’t hesitate to ask management.